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Our first meeting is called a discovery meeting. Its purpose is to create a question and answer session between us in order to define what your goals and objectives. Secondly the discovery meeting is meant to develop mutual trust with an evaluation of how we can best help you to reach those goals. Finally we want to establish the idea for you of what our coaching method called QuantumShift! is all about? We want you to understand that the goal is to reach the benefits of coaching in the most efficient, effective, and economical way for you the client. In other words we want to create optimal value for you!

The major difference between CareerNiche and most coaching companies is outlined below:

"QuantumShift! Coaching (QSC) is a deeper, more lasting, fundamental, and broad-reaching transformation than merely problem solving to find a solution to the current issue. The immediate situation, we believe, is usually a symptom of a belief-based coaching issue, and working at the deeper level will create a higher impact for clients. And when they "get it" the shift that occurs--a quantum shift---is immediate and usually permanent. After that, if it is still necessary, the surface-level brainstorming and problem solving can be done--we call it Level 1 coaching--but it has more meaning because it is within the context of the larger change.... Many of the commonly used models of coaching today work on the level of "effects" or behaviour only. For Example, a client comes into a coaching session and says he is worried about being able to pay next months mortgage. Many coaches would address the issue by exploring possible issues at surface level only."

As you can see the key difference is that CareerNiche's QuantumShift! Coaching is faster, more effective and permanent improvement!

Call for your Free Discovery Meeting TODAY!!

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