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Why use CareerNiche for your Coaching needs?

The main difference between other competitive coaching companies and CareerNiche is that CareerNiche utilizes a superior coaching model. Below is a description of our Quantum Shift Coaching Model compared with less effective, slower and more costly coaching models:

Quantum Shift! coaching (QSC) is a deeper, more lasting, fundamental, and broad-reaching transformation than merely problem solving to find a solution to the current issue. The immediate situation, we believe, is usually a symptom of a belief-based coaching issue, and working at the deeper level will create a higher impact for clients. And when they "get it" the shift that occurs--a quantum shift---is immediate and usually permanent. After that, if it is still necessary, the surface-level brainstorming and problem solving can be done--we call it Level 1 coaching--but it has more meaning because it is within the context of the larger change.
Call Today at 888-284-4814 or find an office nearest you in  Canada or the United States  or you can just email us info@careerniche.com

  November 25th, 2018:
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June 4th, 2018:
Hot off the Press - Another Great Review!
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