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Benchmarks of an Effective Career Coaching System

There are several earmarks of an effective internal career coaching system, whether internally or externally staffed:
  • Confidentiality throughout the interaction

  • Clearly linked to corporate initiatives and, where possible, benefits measured Clear agreement as to who is the client and what the coach's responsibility is to company management

  • Includes such features as:
    • skills assessment
    • interest assessment
    • personality/style assessment (DiSC, MBTI, etc)
    • matching/alignment of right person/right job
    • mentoring component (matching client with mentor)
    • managerial and/or leadership skills development to help people make the transition from managing things to leading people

  • Flexible delivery system (telephone, internet, and/or face-to-face, self-paced).

  • Scalable to changing needs and size of organization.

  • Generates individual Career Development Plan which includes skills development, goals for next planning period, training to be obtained, new responsibilities to be assumed, and goal for next step in career within company.
In short, if your firm wants to begin building a competitive advantage now, one key strategy is to add a career coaching and/or career management system to your existing employee benefits and management approach.

Authored by: Marcia Bench renowned coaching expert and one of our Coach training resources.

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