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What Do Coaches Do (Inside your Organization)?

Coaches may have a variety of functions, depending on the organization's needs.

Among them:
  • Increase the client's awareness of career paths and enhance their fit to achieve "right person/right job".
  • Improve the ability of both individual and organization to manage constant change and transition.
  • Remove blocks for career progress.
  • Assist clients in becoming "career self-reliant," taking control and ownership of their own career development.
  • Provide and model communication styles that enhance internal problem-solving skills, appreciate differences, and lead to long-term progress, rather than creating co-dependencies.
  • Promote a win-win balance of work/life priorities, using the desired states of both individual and organization as benchmarks.
  • Guide organizational systems to evolve their culture by increasingly valuing their employees, implementing career development as a priority, and retaining human capital.
  • Blend training, organizational development, career/employee development and coaching at every level in an organization.

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