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Launching a Career Development Program in Your Organization

Implementing a career development program in a company involves much more than just hiring a few coaches to work with select groups of employees (although that's a start!). A better approach is to view this program as a new element of the organizational culture and systems. Using a multifunctional team, an analysis and evaluation of what is really needed in that organization for career development, as well as a thoughtful approach to how best to provide it, are keys to success.

Our approach at the CareerNiche Coaching Division, when working with an organization that wants to begin a career development program, is to first work with the management team in an evaluation process. We then either provide or assist with the implementation process when phase 1 is complete. Basic benchmarks would include:
A. Evaluation Phase
  1. Define what career development means for the organization, including the multiple points of view of various groups within the organization (e.g. management vs. employees vs. supervisors and HR).
  2. Determine the organization's needs for career development, whether a full-scale approach or one which simply augments what is already being done by OD or HR; can include a company-wide survey.
  3. Identify goals to be achieved through the program including baseline productivity loss or lost income due to low morale or bad job fit (for later evaluation of ROI).
  4. Design a program to fit the identified needs, including contracting or hiring coaches if need be, arranging implementation of a virtual or live career center, benchmarking job competencies, training supervisors in coaching techniques.
B. Implementation Phase
  1. Pilot the program with a specific team or department, evaluate results, and revise if necessary.
  2. Launch and promote the program to employees throughout the organization (in a planned sequence if the organization is large or has multiple locations).
  3. Continue to evaluate results and, if a survey was done at the beginning of the program, survey again in 6-12 months to measure results.
As the implementation is being done, both at the pilot level and at the organization-wide level, the following are some of the steps that will often be taken with each employee:
  1. Assessment: of skills, values, interests, and work style.
  2. Exploration of options: promotions, transfer and enrichment - comparing results of #1 to competencies of jobs within the organization.
  3. Identification and resolution of barriers: if the employee or client seems to lack education or training or have other barriers to their desired career development within the company, coaching addresses these.
  4. Goal setting and planning: specifying what the employee wants to achieve and helping them get there through a Career Development Plan, often working with their direct supervisor.
  5. Strategizing: support systems, mentoring, informational interviewing intracompany, training, available resources, and timelines.
Our Coaching Process

Our coaches utilize the Authentic VocationT process and are a proven and highly effective template to use with employees, particularly in steps 1 and 2 above.

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