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Self-Employment Startup

Have you ever thought about starting an affordable, small business consulting service you can sell?

Financial Expert, David Bach, has stated that having a part time business in the area of Direct Selling is a great way to generate some additional income with great tax advantages.

What is Direct Selling?
Direct Selling is the sale of consumer products or services via independent sales people. These products can be sold by means of in-hom product demos or one-on-one selling.

At CareerNiche, we have conducted our own research and discovered two fantastic Self Employment opportunities in the Direct Selling industry that we believe are not only stable and safe to try, but have potential for high results.

Is Direct Selling Right for You?
  • Have you been laid off, downsized or are in between jobs and never seem to have enough money for bills or leisure at the end of the week?
  • Are you looking for an additional stream of income for your own personal use or business?
  • Are you looking for some additional funds to start up your own business?
  • Do want to be in business FOR yourself, but not By Yourself?
If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, check out two amazing opportunities from CareerNiche below that may be right for you!

Pre-Paid Legal Services
What is it?
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services has provided superior legal services to families, individuals and small businesses all across the U.S. and Canada for over 30 years and has been endorsed by the CEO of the National Chamber of Commerce in the U.S.
  • Members have UNLIMITED ACCESS to professional legal counsel and advice, any time of day, for legal issues from REAL LAWYERS.
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services has a team of professional trainers, located throughout the U.S. and Canada ready and available to provide you with the proper tools and skills to start your own business.
Identity Theft Protection:
  • Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime of this century.
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services Identity Theft Shield provides an array of services designed with detection and restoration in mind.
  • This type of service has never been more important and all Pre-Paid Legal Service members have access to this exclusive opportunity.
Why should you get involved in Pre-Paid Legal?
  • You can help these small businesses, families and individuals surround themselves with legal counsel for all their legal problems.
Even If you decide that selling these pertinent Pre-Paid Legal Services just isn't right for you, signing up as a member with full access to these crucial opportunities is only just a phone call away.
  Visit this Website to Learn how YOU can get involved:
Or call Christian Smith at
866-714-EXEC (3932)

ACN is the largest Direct Seller of telecommunications and home services in the world! Established in 1993, ACN's global expansion from North America to Europe and Asia Pacific now boasts operations in 20 countries - and continues to grow! ACN also made networking history when it received a personal endorsement from Donald Trump for it's innovative and exceptional services.
What is the ACN Opportunity?
  • When you become an ACN Independent Representative, you are choosing to take part in a business opportunity in which you supply consumers with necessary services that everyone already uses on a day to day basis, and will continue to do so in the future.
Why Get Involved?
Taking advantage of the ACN Opportunity allows you to:
  • Create a brighter future for you and your family
  • Earn significant residual income every time customers pay their bill Enjoy frequent recognition events Gain greater performance based leadership opportunities
  • Have flexibility and freedom in being your own boss
Visualize Life Without Boundaries!
Products & Services
ACN's productst provide consumers with more choices, significant savings, brand-name reliability, and service simplicity for all their telecommunications and home services.
Products available through ACN are:
  • Digital Phone Service
  • The ACN Video Phone
  • ACN Local, Long Distance and Internet
  • ACN Wireless
  • Home Security
To learn more about how YOU can get involved in the ACN Opportunity visit:
Or contact Christian Smith at 
866-714-EXEC (3932)

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