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Our Professional Team

Christian Smith - CEO, B.Comm, B.A., CCD, CCRW, MCCRW

Christian Smith is North America's Leading CareerNiche Development Specialist. An entrepreneur and human resources outplacement professional, he launched CareerNiche in 2004. Christian has spent years gathering experience and knowledge from top HR recruiters and hiring authorities on what they look for in job candidates.


Christian is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC). His expertise in the field makes him a valuable aid to anyone seeking Career Management, Change, and Selection, Outplacement, Coaching and Entrepreneurial avenues. His extensive experience and knowledge in these areas has helped him establish CareerNiche as the leader in career development services for individuals and organizations across North America.

Call Christian today to see how your life, career or organization can have more purpose and success with a CareerNiche!


Susie Smith - President, CHA, CPRW, CCRW, MCCRW  

Susie has been successful in establishing a leading Résumé Writing division "A Résumé by CareerNiche" that has achieved international recognition for superior career document and digital services by instituting the professional development of competitive résumés in the marketplace.  She has developed and implemented a quality assurance program for the résumé process to ensure client success in the job market.

As a visionary in the career management field Susie has developed the outplacement curriculum that allows career transitioned individuals to utilize proprietary courses as well as one-on-one coaching to assist with future work and career trends within the new world of ever-changing technology and scientific breakthroughs. She is dedicated to the clients' success and it shows through their ability to attain jobs in small businesses, Fortune 1000 organizations, or even as entrepreneurs.  She looks forward to the singularity and have more of an optimistic view of the future than most Career Coaches as a Career Futurist. 

As a Speaker, Susie provides seminars and workshops on today and tomorrows job market platform with a look at future job trends.         

Oscar Krol - BA, CCRW - Professional Resume, Bio & LinkedIn Writer    

A graduate of Canada's McGill University and self-published novelist, Oscar focuses on in-depth academic styled research to delve into the intricacies of the business world. With almost two decades of multicultural experience, Oscar provides a fresh flare and perspective in delivering specialized and creative writing to ensure resumes and cover letters reflect more than just an account of one's professional history but also a personal touch for every client.

With a background in teaching and as a graduate of Geography, Oscar believes that it's never too late to learn something new and as a traveler, Oscar has left his footprints in over thirty countries, studying everything the world has to offer.  


Michele - Professional Resume, Bio & LinkedIn Writer

Michele took an early retirement from the Information Technology industry to pursue new opportunities for personal and professional growth. Her quest for a 'fun retirement job' that was flexible, creative and rewarding was fulfilled when she joined the CareerNiche staff in 2009.  She's delighted that she can combine her interest in career exploration with her background in business writing to create effective resumes and cover letters that capture the essence of her clients' strengths and talents. Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Michele has worked in social service, educational and business settings. Her interests include biking, photography, and ballroom dancing.  The mother of two grown daughters resides in Michigan with her husband Terry. 

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